Monday, 15 October 2012

Bittersweet ....

My house sounds so quiet now that my elder son, his wife and son have left to go back to their home in Queensland.

It is rather bittersweet - it is nice to have my house all quiet again but sad to think they are so far away that I will only see them once a year or every 18 months .... :((
Before ....

... after
It was great to have them here for a few weeks; so wonderful to spend time with the three of them.  We had a jam packed few weeks - a garage sale, a christening, a birthday, a trip to two markets, a trip into Costco .... think I will welcome the quiet to relax .... lol.

My garage is looking a lot emptier now, only a few things left in it - I could actually fit my car in there if I wanted to after having it outside for about 8 or 10 years .... lol.

The stuff left in there isn't heavy or much so I will slowly move it down to the back shed ... the back shed, on the other hand, is getting rather crowded although my son did manage to get rid of a lot of stuff that was in there.

I still have a couple of 4 drawer filing cabinets in there that I need to sort through and get rid of the unwanted junk; plus there is a freezer but it doesn't take up much room.

There is also a large cabinet that has a lot of stuff in it and son's tool drawers but they are fine.  There is a shelving unit that will need a good clean once it is completely emptied and the wooden work bench will be great to have; it is very long too, about 3ms - just need to clear out the junk underneath it.

The garage sale was successful and we got rid of a lot of stuff - what wasn't sold on the day we took to the local Sallies.  I also had a couple of old fridges that were still working so gave them away also.

Want to plan some more painting - been doing some nude torso studies and want to do a few more of them. Have a few ideas for some other subjects as well.  Now that son's trip is over I can get organised and get stuck into things again so I am feeling pretty good.

Got an early Christmas present too!!

The kids bought me a great chair to sit and relax in.  I had a similar one but it was very low to the ground and I had trouble getting in and out of it.  This one is a perfect height for me, so I can take a coffee and a book and relax outside .....

Works great!  Before I finished this posting I grabbed a coffee, a book and sat there for half an hour ... perfect!

Also had two Strelitzia reginae (Bird of Paradise) and one Strelitzia nicolai (Giant bird of Paradise) in large pots but they were rather pot bound and so son planted them out the back in a small garden bed.

I did have a couple of trees there but they were damaged in some bad weather a few years ago and had to be removed.  Since then it has been empty except for some lilies that grow wild from seeds the birds dropped; they flower in the cooler winter months and do look pretty.

Anyway, hopefully the three new plants will like their new surroundings and take over. I have some sugar cane mulch so I will put it around them to give them a little TLC after the move.

Feeling good on the ex front as well - been 17 days since I heard from him - maybe at last he has got the message after almost a year!

Why on earth do people want to change you?  You start going out with someone and they say they like you, but then they want you to change?  Why?  If you like someone the way they are why the hell can't you just accept them - accept their faults and quirks?

I know I am not the most social of people and I am not very open but I am who I am .... accept me as that or forget me!

Had a guy contact me who seemed very nice - in his early 50s, kinda cute - and we swapped a few emails until I started getting a twitchy feeling.  Turns out he lives (?) in London, despite him having his location as Cremorne in Sydney - I questioned it and he got all cadgy and his next email was rather weird so my immediate reaction was 'Scammer' and that was the last I heard from him .... lol.

I seem to be attracting a lot of scammers - I must look like I came down in the last shower .... lol.

But this ole gal isn't dumb .... the truth is if a guy comes from overseas no matter what reason ... bye bye.

If he says he lives in Sydney but I discover he is 'staying' in some other country .... bye bye.

If he tells me he is a widower, with a child and in the US military, serving in Afghanistan or Iran or some far flung outpost .... bye bye.

If he tells me he is for a NSA or wants a f**k buddy or casual sex .... bye bye.

If he is married or between 18 and 48..... bye bye.

ROTFL .... I may look silly but that high IQ stands for something ... lol

Mind you it would be nice to meet someone who is genuine, who isn't a weirdo and who is looking for someone to develop a relationship but with my luck I doubt it .... rotfl .... although a couple of guys who I am in contact with at the moment seem really nice!

BTW ... Allan McG - why don't you say hi; let's grab a coffee and catch up??   Haven't spoken with you in over 4 years, but I know you read this regularly ...  How many grandkids now .... I have 5!

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