Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fozzie .....

The only male in my life ....

You've got to admit he is very handsome, a very big furry teddy bear and so cute .... lol.

He is my best buddy, listens to me when I ramble on, gives unconditional love, never judges, laughs at my jokes and gives the odd doggie lick or two - oh, and he takes up the bottom of my bed when he sneaks up through the night instead sleeping in his own .... lol.

Spotty loves playing with him and even Cali thinks he is okay!!  BTW - isn't Cali beautiful and brave? She is getting very brave and the only time she hides under the bed is if someone comes to the house (which is only once in a blue moon; the rest of the time she wanders around, actually sits on the back porch in the sun and relaxes in the cat tree.

If I ever do find a nice guy to go out with (highly unlikely as I can't seem to find any nice single, tall men ... lol)  he is going to have to get screen by Fozz first (and then the two cats) to make sure he really is a nice guy.


  1. The Foz is most handsome! You are blessed with the ideal male...

  2. animals are definitely the best companions. :)