Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Excited ....

Very happy and thrilled .... elder son and his wife and son are coming to visit next week for a week or so.  Will be great to be able to spend some time with them.

Son is going to do a big clean up for me and take away some of his junk stuff .... lol.

Also we are all off to my latest granddaughter Madeleine's Christening.  The extra excitement is that my elder grandson is coming also - his maternal grand father is dropping him off after Bathurst (he is a car nut) either Friday or Saturday and his dad will drop him home on Sunday evening after the festivities.

Find the birds ..
The Friday beforehand we are all going to Newcastle to see my late husband's mum - she cried when I told her we were all coming as it has been a while since we were all together.  She is getting rather frail and has been ill a lot lately but is still good for a woman in her late 80s.  Sadly elder grandson won't be there as he will be watching the cars ... lol.

It will be great to get some sort of order at home - I can't get into my garage or my shed - and there is a lot of rubbish to go to the tip.

He is also going to trim some of the trees in the front yard for me.

There is one ...
I have a few eucalypt, some melaleuca, callistamon and grevillea - the native birds love them all.  First thing in the morning and late in the afternoon flocks of Rainbow Lorikeets arrive to feed.  On and off through the day they pop in for a snack.

Then when the sun goes down the fruit bats arrive, squabbling over who gets the best bits ....

I also planted two wisteria about 12 years ago and the damn things have never flowered or grown much.  Beats me why as there are a lot in the area which grow and flower profusely.  Anyway last year I got two flowers on the white one and 1 on the mauve ... whoopee .... NOT!

This year they have flowered!!!

Maybe at last they have decided they like living here and will grow and flourish ... lol.

"Sleeping Beauty" - watercolour - For Sale

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Brett Whiteley Studio Masterclass.....

Had an amazing time on Saturday at the Brett Whiteley studio!

I have to say as one of the 9 people offered the Masterclass I felt very honoured and awed to be working in his studio.  The tutor was Jenny Hall and she was fabulous.  Gave some really good tips and advice and was not harsh in her critique.

I was over the moon as on a few of mine she told me I was on the right track; she even said she loved the movement and how I portrayed the form .... so chuffed!!!  It is really hard to show your skill or lack of in just a few minutes.  I am a water colourist first and foremost, so I build up layer by layer ... it is hard to portray something in such a short time .... rotfl.

95% of the poses were 1, 2 or 3 minute sketches - used to those but she forced us out of our comfort zone a lot; at times we had to only look at the model and sketch .... lol.

Used charcoal mainly, and white pastel - a couple of times we had to sketch the background shape with shoe cleaner .... rotfl.

I came home with 15 pages of sketches, the ones on the right are a few examples of the one minute and the 3 minute poses.

I only knew two of the other participants so it was a bit nerve wracking meeting 7 new people plus the tutor, model and the gallery co-ordinator but I got through it ... lol.

Now it is time to put into use all those things I have learnt over the recent Masterclasses - I have been toying with doing a life sized pose for a while now and think it is time to start planning it.

Not sure whether to do it in charcoal (as some of my other nude poses have been) or watercolour.  It will be reclining nude, still deciding whether to put my head in it or just the torso ... maybe I should be brave and tackle the portrait aspect of the composition ... lol.

Have to get myself a larger piece of ply - I attach my paper to 6mm ply, gives a firm surface to work on without being too thick.  For this piece I will need one 2m x 1.2m so will need to order from the local ply specialist and arrange with one of my son's to pick it up for me - won't fit in my RAV, already measured it and I can only fit a piece 1.6 x 80 which is too small for what I am planning.

I will leave you with some of Brett's works of nudes - love the sparseness of line in the first few and adore the Nude Torso at the end, the movement ....
Undressing 1973
Towards Sculpture 8 1977
Toward Sculpture 6 1977
Back 2 1981
Toward Sculpture 2 1977
Nude Torso 1976

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fozzie .....

The only male in my life ....

You've got to admit he is very handsome, a very big furry teddy bear and so cute .... lol.

He is my best buddy, listens to me when I ramble on, gives unconditional love, never judges, laughs at my jokes and gives the odd doggie lick or two - oh, and he takes up the bottom of my bed when he sneaks up through the night instead sleeping in his own .... lol.

Spotty loves playing with him and even Cali thinks he is okay!!  BTW - isn't Cali beautiful and brave? She is getting very brave and the only time she hides under the bed is if someone comes to the house (which is only once in a blue moon; the rest of the time she wanders around, actually sits on the back porch in the sun and relaxes in the cat tree.

If I ever do find a nice guy to go out with (highly unlikely as I can't seem to find any nice single, tall men ... lol)  he is going to have to get screen by Fozz first (and then the two cats) to make sure he really is a nice guy.