Sunday, 26 August 2012

Back to Normal ....

Well, the panic and busyness of the last few weeks is over.  The wedding was perfect and now I am back home.

Check out the bird!!!
The kids could not have chosen a more perfect day - the weather was beautiful, the setting glorious and the food delicious. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures - have a couple of my son and new daughter but nothing with me in yet.

AS mentioned the food was lovely as was the venue.  The restaurant was lovely - set right on the water literally.

The view from the balcony was perfect - across the water to Fraser Island.   The evening was all you could hope for and if people didn't enjoy themselves they obviously wouldn't be happy with anything ... lol.

The kids even arranged a lolly table!  Supposedly for the young children but it seemed to me that the grown ups were lining up just as much if not more often than the kids!

I stayed at the Mantra - tower one - and what a great view; all those lovely boats in the marina!

The hotel was lovely set around swimming pools.  I was on the fourth floor but loved the fact that in the rooms on the 1st you could just dive straight in from your balcony!

 Fozzie was not at all impressed with his holiday at the kennel.  I landed at 2.15 on Sunday afternoon so decided I would drive out to Vineyard on the way home and pick him up rather than wait until Monday morning.

He was so happy to see me - he had a lovely bath and was all fluffy (for a few hours anyway ... lol).  All the way home he kept trying to sit on my lap; bad enough with a little dog but with a big one and trying to drive .... rotfl.  For the first week home he has not left my side but hopefully he settles down again and realises I am not going anywhere.

The cats, on the other hand, were fine.  Spotty raced out the door as soon as I got home and Calico was curled up in the cat tree and gave me a quick look then went back to sleep.  Mr Spot soon rushed back in when he heard me opening a can ... lol.

Booked in for my workshop at the Brett Whiteley studio in September - we have a two hour life drawing session with Jenny Hall; spend some time at the Studio looking through the exhibits and catch a few of the local galleries before we come home.

I thoroughly enjoy my two charcoal master classes - both were very different but I found both very interesting.  I think the one with Michael Herron was my preferred one as it was working with nudes in a dynamic way.  I think I did about 20 or 25 A2 sized sketches on the day!  Most were 1 or 2 minute sketches so you have to get down the idea very quickly.

With Catherine O'Donnell it was more about perspective and chiaroscuro (using light and shade dramatically) - we only worked on one piece for this, a very large sketch (about 60cm x 95cm) using boxes as a subject but still didn't complete the work.  It was so big and the heavy use of charcoal took some time to lay down; still I managed to get a reasonable amount of it finished.

I really love my Galaxy phone - I was reluctant to get a smart phone initially, figured I wouldn't use all the gadgets but boy have I changed my!

I can get my emails or send one while I am out if needed; of course I can surf the 'net whenever I feel like it.  The camera is great, as is the video camera.  Like the fact I can even make video calls.

Have assigned different ring tones for everyone so I don't even have to look at caller ID when someone rings.  Love the calendar/planner - now I know exactly what I am doing if I don;t have my tablet with me.  The good thing is I have it linked to my google account so it automatically updates my tablet.

Still haven't played with all its features but I am having fun.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Exciting Month Ahead ...

Busy few weeks coming up; lots of excitement in August.

This Saturday I have a Masterclass with Catherine O'Donnell; it is on Light and Shadow using charcoal  and the following Saturday I have one with Michael Herron.  His is on Dynamic Figure Drawing and also in charcoal.  Plus I also have my Life Drawing sketch club.

I love using charcoal so it will be very interesting to learn new techniques from two very accomplished artists.

Then I fly up to Queensland on the 17th for my elder son's wedding, so exciting.  Trying to get all the last minute things organised - think I have everything covered.

My DIL managed to find me some red shoes, the dressmaker is putting in the final beading on my top, hair appointment on the Wednesday before the wedding, Fozzie goes to be boarded on the Thursday and I pick him up the following Tuesday ... I hope he will be okay.  He has never been boarded before and he is such a gentle sook.

Talk him for a walk last Friday and he was saying hello to another dog that he has known for all his life when, for no reason at all it bit him on the muzzle!  Took him to the vets on Saturday, antibiotics and then back to the Vets on Tuesday to have him under anaesthetic and the bite washed out.  While he was under they cleaned his ears for me.

He looked so forlorn when I picked him up last night; very wobbly on his feet but he couldn't get out of there fast enough!

As I will only be away for a few nights I am not boarding the two cats - instead they will have the run of the house.  I will put out lots of food and two extra litter trays.

Calico won't worry - she spends 95% of her time inside - she has decided the water bed in the spare room was just for her and relaxes on it.

Mr Spot is usually wandering around outside most of the day - he pops inside every now and again for some biscuits or demands a cuddle or two.  Both of them are locked in the spare bedroom at sunset so it won't be a great hardship for either, although Spotty won't be impressed.

On top of the wedding excitement I have some stress as well.

While I am away my handsome grandson will be in hospital ... he is having his adenoids and tonsils out in the hopes that it will stop him getting every cold and sickness that passes by him.  His immune system is not great, and he gets sick so easily which of course puts stress on his heart.

I wish I was able to be in two places at once but I haven't figured out how to .... lol.

Still I know he is not looking forward to the actual op but is very keen to get stuck into the ice cream afterwards.  Thank goodness won't be as long an op as when he had his open heart surgery.

My son and his new wife (to be ... lol) are coming down to Sydney in October for two weeks so I will have some quality time with them.  They are also going to have grandson for a weekend, the weekend that the beautiful Madeleine gets Baptised, it will be wonderful having both my children, their partners and my grandchildren around me. On top of that my new DIL has a gorgeous boy (4 1/2) so I will have another grand child (by proxy ... lol)!