Monday, 9 July 2012

Water, Wandering, Warm ....

Have an idea for a painting but need some photos so; providing the weather is suitable (sunny & a little warmer) I intend to drive to the coast to get some pictures of water.  Probably need to get my feet wet as I want the swirling patterns and foam created after a wave breaks and comes into shore.  Hence my need for suitable weather.

This morning it is 5 degrees and no sun; have to hope one day on the weekend is sunny and warmer.  Checked the forecast and rain is predicted until & including the weekend so that is why I am waiting until we have some fine warmer weather to go.  Don't fancy getting my tootsies wet when it is cold, no sun and damp.

At least this time won't be like the last time I went to the coast - drove all over the place (did over 350kms) and ended up hurting my back.  That was 8 weeks ago and I am still suffering .... lol.

Actually having laser treatment on my back a few times a week ... it is slowly starting to work as the pain doesn't kick in until the afternoon now so I get some respite; it is weird after each treatment, the next time I have a shower it gets soooo hot and then stays warm for a while after.

Now that the saga of the tops for the wedding is solved I have a new dilemma - need shoes and a bag.  A bag shouldn't create too many problems as I have seen a few I like in the colour I want (red) but shoes are proving to be as hard to find as the top.

Main reason is I have arthritis in my feet and so can only wear flats or sandals ... can't find anything that is suitable for a wedding in red.  Hell, can't find anything in a pale colour that I could dye even!

I have a pair of silver slingbacks that I could dye but do you think I can find where I put them?  I have only worn them once and they would be great but obviously I have put them carefully away never to be seen again.

What I wish is that I could still wear stilettos (mind you continually wearing them when I was younger is probably why I have - a pair of delicious Christian Louboutin's like these ..... oh yum!!

Instead I will have to settle for a flats - doesn't help that I have big feet either .... rotfl.

I have a friend in New Zealand and remember she found a pair of red flats for a wedding she went to ... hopefully I have as much luck.

Actually if you have some time why not check out her blog - Quilting Orchardist  - it is always interesting - she and her husband have a kiwi fruit and avocado orchard and she often writes great descriptions of how they grow the fruit.

Hairdressers today - sadly the grey comes through quicker and quicker - if I didn't get my hair dyed I would be rather white but instead I chose to go crazy.

Been trying out styles and colours for the wedding but last I went I had planned on wearing my traditional black or purple - now I will have to rethink the colour choices as the dark auburn and purple I had selected looked rather blah with the now infamous red top (at least it did when I held the fabric up against me).


Lisa Kimmerling (me)~January rainbow
So now I shall annoy the hairdresser by telling her I no longer want that colour but now need something that will go with red - I do want to go rainbow but that isn't really suitable for a wedding especially being the mother of the groom .... rotfl.

I have very short hair now and at the moment one side is cropped very very short while the other has a little length.  So the shaved side is usually coloured in a contrast to the rest of my hair.  Until about 6 years ago I have very long hair, I could sit on it as it reached my mid thighs but it was very aging and when I got it cut I was amazed at the difference it made to my face - actually made me look a lot younger than I am.

Back from hairdresser - went all red - bright vibrant red on shaved side and a mid auburn on the rest.

Once the wedding is over we are going to try rainbow on the shaved side with red at the top blending into red for the rest of my hair - can't wait .... lol

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