Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Coffee and Curves and Confusion ....

Whoo hoo - just got a call to say my new glasses are ready - been a good week so far.

Glasses ready, decided to get the top I need made and found a great dressmaker who is also going to bead it, had contact from 2 guys who actually tick a lot of boxes - one looks very cute ... the only downside is he is the same height as me.  Last email from him seemed positive so I guess that a few more will be the telling.

I haven't even made it to the 'coffee stage' with any of my contacts this time around so maybe my luck is about to change; seemed easier to meet people 3 1/2 yrs ago.

The other has suggested a coffee date - the downside with him is his age ... 45 - I may be wrong but I think with an age difference of over 10 or 12 years you are not going to get a long term relationship.

I am 63 in a week or so and I just can't imagine a guy 15 - 20 years younger sticking around when I am in my 70s and he is only in his 50s even if I am a gorgeous mature BBW sex goddess

UPDATE - Mr CoffeeDate ... when I asked him where he thought we could meet for coffee his reply was "anywhere close to either your house or mine then we can go and  f*** as soon as we finish the coffee".

Oh well - back to the drawing board.  Last time I was on  the dating site there were a lot of guys who just were there for the sex but there were also a lot of nice men and I met quite a number.  This time around I just don't get it.

Is it something to do with my age?  Something about my picture?  I just have no idea but I am getting fed up with it all; confused as to why I am only attracting the men who want casual sex. Maybe there just are not any nice great guys out there who fit the bill - you know - between 50 and 65, over 6ft, kinda cute, not married who understand that sex is part of a relationship but at least buy me a coffee and dinner first ..... lmao!

I am not a 'try before you buy' gal .... lol.

In fact I am seriously considering giving up completely. The worst part is I am a loner - I do not have friends except online ... part of being HFA so if I want to go to the movies or a restaurant or a drive I have to go alone.  A drive is fine, even the movies (although you do get some weird looks) but going to a restaurant alone?  No thanks .... rotfl.  It would be wonderful to share the rest of my life with someone but if I don't, I don't .... end of story.

fertility goddess two.jpg
Speaking of Goddesses - I love the fact that ancient Goddesses of fertility were built like me ... lots of curves, bulges and enough love handles to spread around the world.

The classic one we all know is the Willendorf but there is also the Anatolian fromTurkey and Istar the Babylonian Goddess of Fertility.

Yes, you can find a few fertility goddesses in Egypt that are etched into the stone who are very thin but on the whole MOST goddesses who were considered to be a man's most desirable image of a woman would, by today's standard, be considered fat, obese or even morbidly obese.

Now I do not consider myself obese - I consider that I am amply curved ... lol ... and I do know that a great many men prefer a woman who is curved and well padded to those who are not.

The trend for women today is to be a stick figure  - young girls see models and strive for their figures - totally crazy.  They starve themselves trying to achieve what they think is perfection.

Truth is as long as a woman is healthy, eats sensibly and is not obese or morbidly obese and is happy with herself then her figure is perfect for her.

Anatolian fromTurkey 

Noticed I have gathered another fan - this time from Toongabbie who seems to like my paintings - well the nude torsos of me at least .....  rotfl.

Finished a commission work for a client and now have nothing on the burner so I have been looking through all my painting ideas to decide what to paint next.

Have a gorilla head, a bears head and a lion's head that all have sparked my interest; then (you'll like this Mr/Ms/Mrs Toongabbie) there is another self nude I have sketched out.  Also have sketched out a rodeo rider on his horse and a walrus.

Not sure which way I will go so any suggestions would be appreciate or even some suggestions that I haven't thought of.

Excited to hear of the possible discovery of the elusive Higgs boson - I have written about it in my Weird, Wonderful and Wacky blog if you share my interest.

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