Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Undercover .....

I love sexy underwear, in fact I would much rather wear something sexy underneath than not.  It makes me feel very sensual and feminine - even without a male to impress.

In previous years getting pretty underwear for larger ladies was an impossibility.  Thankfully now manufacturers are starting to realise that BBW love pretty and sexy undies as much as our thinner counterparts.

Of course a lot of places charge a small fortune for a bra and panties but at least places like Target Plus sized undies now have a very affordable range of plus sized undies.  I am a 22DD girl and a few years back the only bras for larger women were made from white cotton and looked large enough to fit twelve people in.

So thanks to target we now have some very pretty bras and knickers that look cute and are comfy.  Even Kmart is getting on the bandwaggon and have a range of plus sized pretties.

Then, of course, there are some very, very sexy corsets and bustiers made for plus girls ....

I want one - I definitely want one of these cinchers ... Madamefrufru waste cincher

.... or maybe one from here
 Hips and Curves

Caged Back PantyGot to love these cute panties too, also from Hips and Curves

Mind you, it is probably a waste of time for a single woman like me who has no man in her life wearing something as sexy and provocative as these but I do love them all and would love to buy them .... lol.

Maybe I will indulge in one or two just for the confidence boost and the feeling they give when you wear them.  Maybe the cincher and the panties ....  rotfl

You may look daggy on the outside in a pair of jeans and Tshirt but you know that underneath there is a smoldering set of undies that would knock the socks of anyone who got a

What about my readers?  Do you like to have something 'interesting' as an undercover secret?

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  1. No undercover secrets that I can share...However, if this doesn't heat up the online dating, nothing!