Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Toy, Cali Update & a Small Rant .....

I have a new toy.

My mobile phone contract ran out and my provider, naturally, wanted me to stay with them and had been sending me offers for the prior month.  Each offer got better and better and their final one was too good for me to bypass.

Got a Galaxy S3 - free - no monthly cost.

I ignored the first offer on the Galaxy then they sent a second which offered a little more & then finally accepted a third which offered to scrap the monthly cost of the phone plus a few extras.

The same monthly cost as my previous contract ($49) with $750 worth of calls each month, free unlimited texts, free calls between anyone with the same provider and 1.5gig of data each month - which they upped to 3 gigs for the first 12 months.

I used to get $300 worth of calls and my texts were taken from that plus I only had 500 mgs So as you can see it was a good deal.

So now I have a new toy and I thought I should buy it a cute cover ... polka dots .... lol.

Been playing with it; on my old phone (just a basic Nokia Mini 97) I had assigned a different song to each of my contacts so I knew who was calling me; had a song for anyone else and a cute one for txt messages.  I wanted them still, preferably the same ones so I didn't have to learn new songs .... lol.  I had a mini SD card in my old phone and was able to put it in the new one.... my songs were on it plus photos I had taken.

I also discovered that when I switched on my new phone and logged in with my Google password it download automatically all the info from my Sony tablet - all my contacts and my appointments - my Tablet runs on Android 4, Ice Cream sandwich; the same as the phone.  Then all I had to do was figure out how to assign a song for a contact .... all done!!

I even manage to pair it with my BlueAnt3 supertooth thingy - means when I am in my car I can answer or ring by just saying a word or two; hands free .... lol

Remember the two cats I rescued from the pound about a year ago?

If you do remember you will know that one, Mr Spot, was a very confident boy who walked into my house and took charge.  He loves Fozzie, tolerates Stinky and torments Cali.

The other, Cali, was terrified and spent the first two weeks under the bed shaking.  She had been abused and dumped several times by different owners, had kittens and was very traumatised.

Anyway, she is beautiful and is slowly learning to trust.

She is still scared of her shadow and it doesn't take much to send her flying back under the bed but she now loves to be petted and giving cuddles - I have never cuddled her rather I let her come to me and she is now showing just how comfortable she is with me.

Mind you when she decides to give cuddles she is very enthusiastic and gets in close .... lol .... then she decides it is nap time and I am the cushion!!

I am so very happy that she is finally gaining some confidence and can show affection.  I don't think she will ever gain the confidence and freedom that Spotty has but as long as she can now spent some time lying in the sun instead cowering under the bed then I am happy.

If you are thinking of getting a pet - a cat or a dog - why not consider rescuing one from your local pound or from rescue organisations like your local Animal Welfare League like the NSW one.  The animals there deserve to be rescue and you will have a pet who will give so much joy and love.

No - this isn't the real txt ...lol
I recently had a txt conversation with a friend of mine and I ended up getting very pissed off ... we were being smart/sarcastic about something that had occurred but then they took what I wrote as being a personal insult and got offended; on their high horse and I told them to grow up.

If you have having a sparring match that is filled will smart comments about a topic why the hell would one of you then assume you have changed tactics and are now insulting or offending??

Assume - to make an ass of u and me.

Anyway, they got offended & dressed me down and I got pissed and told them ... rotfl.

In the end I felt that I didn't care if I ever heard from them again because it seems that whenever we do have a txt conversation it ends up the same way.  I am so over it and have a care factor of zero now.

.... and I bet if they read this blog they will jump back in that horse's saddle & tell me off again (as usual) ....

I have to admit that I am often ... er ... blunt and sometimes miss the point but this time .... lol.

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