Saturday, 2 June 2012

Dating in the 21century ...

OMG .... what is with guys these days????

Just had a contact on a dating site ... chatted for 5 mins then he said I have to be honest - I prefer to have sex first then we can have coffee and see if we are compatible ..... 

He was offended that I said "basically you want to have sex with me and THEN if I am lucky you will buy me a coffee"  .... I am still laughing

He said it isn't like that; and I asked then what?

He said we would have sex, then talk and if we were compatible in bed we could start a relationship.  

Er... isn't that what I just said???

He unlocked his picture for me so I would immediately realise what a hunk he is .... unfortunately he was almost obese and most unattractive.

Anyway, he asked me to drive over to his house there and then and do the deed.  I said 
1) I don't have sex with people I've just met and;
2) I am not dumb enough to go to some strange man's house.

I then blocked him.

Mind you, if he looked like Mr Chocolate here I would have been in my car before he could finish giving me his address ..... lol.

I have to admit that being on a dating website is a whole new world.  There are some very strange people out there and, sadly, I seem to attract a lot of them.

From the guy who wanted me to not wash my feet for a week, stay barefoot (I rarely wear shoes except when I have to) so that he could suck on my dirty toes ..... ew!!!  

To the one who wanted me to tie him up, whip him with a riding crop and let him dress in my underwear .... lol.

Oh and the 45yr old guy who lists his occupation as a Gigilo .... he actually sends me contact requests about once a fortnight - silly boy ... I have enough trouble finding money to pay my bills without supporting a hunk .... lol

And the charmer who wanted to do some very kinky things that even I would blanch at!

In between are the guys between 18 and 30 - I have lost count how many of them want me to go out with them. 

Let's be realistic here.

What 20 something boy would like to be seem arm in arm with a woman in her 60s???    Can't you imagine what his friends would say??   Oh my ... rotfl.

Mrs Robinson I ain't

I also get a lot of requests from married men ... I don't share so why would I want to become someone's mistress?    On top of that if a guy cheats on his wife then he would also cheat on his mistress.

What I also find amusing is the men around my age - between 52 and 68 - who are not .... shall we say ... attractive at all but who are looking for a slender, beautiful woman between 20 and 35.

No offense but what gorgeous woman is going to choose an overweight unattractive guy in his 50s or 60s over a muscular stud in his 30s or 40s unless there is a healthy amount of dollars involved?

So I am still dateless .... maybe I am too choosy but I don't think so.  I just want to meet a cute (to me anyway) guy, average to muscular build, over 6ft and between 50 and 65 who lives within a 75km radius definitely not from overseas or interstate.  

One who would like to be in a relationship with me - a larger woman but one who is  .... Sex Goddess number 1 ..... rotfl.

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    Hey I thought I was Sex Goddess #1!

    Good Luck, there are some really nice blokes out there somewhere so I hope one comes your way one day soon.