Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Frustration, New Glasses and Art ....

Frustrated .... (in more ways than one .... lol)

My elder son is getting married in August, in Queensland and I am desperately trying to find a top to complete my outfit with no success at all.

I have bought a beautiful pair of pants & matching jacket but need a top to go underneath.  Do you think I can find what I want?  NO!!

I am searching for a red top - yes me who only ever wears purple & black is searching for red!!

Can find heaps but the fabric is wrong they just are not dressy - formal and even if I beaded them they would still look too casual.

I am starting to think I may have to either make it myself or get it made - time is running out and so I have given myself this week to find it or else look to making.

Everything else is organised for the trip - hotel, flights, car parking, pets boarded .... all booked.  Really looking forward to going.  My eldest grand daughter (Miss 2 1/2) will be one of the flower girls - her second trip down the aisle.  My handsome grand son was to be groomsman but unfortunately he cannot attend - I am so very very sad that he won't be there to see his dad married; his dad is devastated but unfortunately it is out of his hands.

AP15 glasses
Lovely silver AP ones
Had my two yearly eye test yesterday and as my 'script had changed I had to ordered some new glasses - they were on special and I got two pairs for less than the cost of the single pair from two years ago!!

AP6 glasses
And yes I needed another purple pair 
Alex Perry designed ones .... ooh la la!!

Old Bvlgari ones
My last pair were Bvlgari ones - and they cost me a fortune!  This time I decided I would not spent as much and went to a different place to buy them.

I could have had two pairs of designer ones for $199 including the lenses but the Alex Perry ones I liked were 2 for $350 but with my health fund rebate I only have to pay $170 - considering the Bvlgari ones were over $800 I am one happy lady!!

An image of Woman under the shower
Woman Under Shower - Whiteley
Was talking with the guy who organises our models about next term for the Life Studies drawing and he said he is trying to arrange a visit to the Brett Whiteley studio with a view to spending the day there sketching nudes with a model AND with a tutor for feedback and suggestions!

Now that sounds exciting to someone who loves drawing and painting nudes ... lol.

Although I am very much a traditional artist - realism - I do love some of the modern abstract artists.  Although my mind is very unorganised and cluttered and I live in organised chaos; I just never seem to be able to paint abstract works despite trying several times.

The other cause of my frustration is my online dating experiences - I do get lots of contact requests (yesterday I clocked up a record - for me - 19 requests in one day) - but the majority are still made up of married men and boys under 40 ( average 22).  This is despite having written in large letters on my profile no married men or men under 50.

I have come to the conclusion that most men can't read .... lol.

The remainder fall into the right age group but  ..... a lot are under 5'6" (my profile states I am 5'9" and I looking for tall man) and the rest seem to think that the obligatory coffee date is a waste of time and we should cut to the chase and just have sex.  They tell me that I am obviously a sexual & sensual woman and that they would love to make love to me .... lol.

Now I don't agree in jumping into bed immediately for several reasons -
  • I would like to be able to chat to someone first and see if there is any chemistry;
  • Security - why on earth would I either go to some strange man's home or allow a stranger into mine?
  • I am so over that .... lol;
  • I see their requests as just wanting casual sex or a one nighter - I may be doing them an injustice but it seems to me that they have no intention of doing anything else but have sex with no strings attached. 
I have spoken with a few in the last few weeks - against my better judgement I have accepted contact requests from ones without photos.  In two cases I managed to get them to email me a picture.

Okay, it is very superficial but the truth is we are very much visual people - if there is no little spark of interest when you look at a picture it is highly unlikely that it will be there in the flesh so to speak.  So unfortunately when I received the pictures I kinda cringed .... not nice I know but I did, and I am honest enough to admit it.

I have found that the men who don't post pics are either - married or um .... shall we say 'not photogenic' or have self esteem issues .... lol.

Some may say they don't know how to post a photo but they can email one - let's face to post a pic on a site is as easy as writing the profile so that's not an excuse.  Others say they haven't had time to take one but will send one if you give your mobile number (uh uh no way).

Yet more say that they don't post a pic because only shallow people judge on photos - and then they ask you if they can see your locked photos!!  Now that is one double standard ... lol.

Of course there are the ones who do post a photo but the pic is at least 10 years old or it is a photo of someone 'handsome' that they downloaded from the Internet.

So now I have three left on my contact list - all with no pic.  One I received a photo in an email this morning and it did nothing for me .  The gent said he is 55 and athletic & he had taken the photo on the weekend - the photo looked like a chap in his late 60s, carrying a lot of weight.  He is probably a nice guy but I just couldn't get excited about him.

Of the remainder - one is on holidays in Turkey, he writes very interesting emails and has my weird sense of humour but no photo; the other also has no photo and I am rather wary about him.  He is a new contact so have only had his initial request but it has very sexual undertones to it so I have a sneaking suspicion that he is going to one of the 'lets have sex then if I want to do it again I may buy you a coffee' types.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

New Toy, Cali Update & a Small Rant .....

I have a new toy.

My mobile phone contract ran out and my provider, naturally, wanted me to stay with them and had been sending me offers for the prior month.  Each offer got better and better and their final one was too good for me to bypass.

Got a Galaxy S3 - free - no monthly cost.

I ignored the first offer on the Galaxy then they sent a second which offered a little more & then finally accepted a third which offered to scrap the monthly cost of the phone plus a few extras.

The same monthly cost as my previous contract ($49) with $750 worth of calls each month, free unlimited texts, free calls between anyone with the same provider and 1.5gig of data each month - which they upped to 3 gigs for the first 12 months.

I used to get $300 worth of calls and my texts were taken from that plus I only had 500 mgs So as you can see it was a good deal.

So now I have a new toy and I thought I should buy it a cute cover ... polka dots .... lol.

Been playing with it; on my old phone (just a basic Nokia Mini 97) I had assigned a different song to each of my contacts so I knew who was calling me; had a song for anyone else and a cute one for txt messages.  I wanted them still, preferably the same ones so I didn't have to learn new songs .... lol.  I had a mini SD card in my old phone and was able to put it in the new one.... my songs were on it plus photos I had taken.

I also discovered that when I switched on my new phone and logged in with my Google password it download automatically all the info from my Sony tablet - all my contacts and my appointments - my Tablet runs on Android 4, Ice Cream sandwich; the same as the phone.  Then all I had to do was figure out how to assign a song for a contact .... all done!!

I even manage to pair it with my BlueAnt3 supertooth thingy - means when I am in my car I can answer or ring by just saying a word or two; hands free .... lol

Remember the two cats I rescued from the pound about a year ago?

If you do remember you will know that one, Mr Spot, was a very confident boy who walked into my house and took charge.  He loves Fozzie, tolerates Stinky and torments Cali.

The other, Cali, was terrified and spent the first two weeks under the bed shaking.  She had been abused and dumped several times by different owners, had kittens and was very traumatised.

Anyway, she is beautiful and is slowly learning to trust.

She is still scared of her shadow and it doesn't take much to send her flying back under the bed but she now loves to be petted and giving cuddles - I have never cuddled her rather I let her come to me and she is now showing just how comfortable she is with me.

Mind you when she decides to give cuddles she is very enthusiastic and gets in close .... lol .... then she decides it is nap time and I am the cushion!!

I am so very happy that she is finally gaining some confidence and can show affection.  I don't think she will ever gain the confidence and freedom that Spotty has but as long as she can now spent some time lying in the sun instead cowering under the bed then I am happy.

If you are thinking of getting a pet - a cat or a dog - why not consider rescuing one from your local pound or from rescue organisations like your local Animal Welfare League like the NSW one.  The animals there deserve to be rescue and you will have a pet who will give so much joy and love.

No - this isn't the real txt ...lol
I recently had a txt conversation with a friend of mine and I ended up getting very pissed off ... we were being smart/sarcastic about something that had occurred but then they took what I wrote as being a personal insult and got offended; on their high horse and I told them to grow up.

If you have having a sparring match that is filled will smart comments about a topic why the hell would one of you then assume you have changed tactics and are now insulting or offending??

Assume - to make an ass of u and me.

Anyway, they got offended & dressed me down and I got pissed and told them ... rotfl.

In the end I felt that I didn't care if I ever heard from them again because it seems that whenever we do have a txt conversation it ends up the same way.  I am so over it and have a care factor of zero now.

.... and I bet if they read this blog they will jump back in that horse's saddle & tell me off again (as usual) ....

I have to admit that I am often ... er ... blunt and sometimes miss the point but this time .... lol.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Undercover .....

I love sexy underwear, in fact I would much rather wear something sexy underneath than not.  It makes me feel very sensual and feminine - even without a male to impress.

In previous years getting pretty underwear for larger ladies was an impossibility.  Thankfully now manufacturers are starting to realise that BBW love pretty and sexy undies as much as our thinner counterparts.

Of course a lot of places charge a small fortune for a bra and panties but at least places like Target Plus sized undies now have a very affordable range of plus sized undies.  I am a 22DD girl and a few years back the only bras for larger women were made from white cotton and looked large enough to fit twelve people in.

So thanks to target we now have some very pretty bras and knickers that look cute and are comfy.  Even Kmart is getting on the bandwaggon and have a range of plus sized pretties.

Then, of course, there are some very, very sexy corsets and bustiers made for plus girls ....

I want one - I definitely want one of these cinchers ... Madamefrufru waste cincher

.... or maybe one from here
 Hips and Curves

Caged Back PantyGot to love these cute panties too, also from Hips and Curves

Mind you, it is probably a waste of time for a single woman like me who has no man in her life wearing something as sexy and provocative as these but I do love them all and would love to buy them .... lol.

Maybe I will indulge in one or two just for the confidence boost and the feeling they give when you wear them.  Maybe the cincher and the panties ....  rotfl

You may look daggy on the outside in a pair of jeans and Tshirt but you know that underneath there is a smoldering set of undies that would knock the socks of anyone who got a glimpse....lol

What about my readers?  Do you like to have something 'interesting' as an undercover secret?

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Dating in the 21century ...

OMG .... what is with guys these days????

Just had a contact on a dating site ... chatted for 5 mins then he said I have to be honest - I prefer to have sex first then we can have coffee and see if we are compatible ..... 

He was offended that I said "basically you want to have sex with me and THEN if I am lucky you will buy me a coffee"  .... I am still laughing

He said it isn't like that; and I asked then what?

He said we would have sex, then talk and if we were compatible in bed we could start a relationship.  

Er... isn't that what I just said???

He unlocked his picture for me so I would immediately realise what a hunk he is .... unfortunately he was almost obese and most unattractive.

Anyway, he asked me to drive over to his house there and then and do the deed.  I said 
1) I don't have sex with people I've just met and;
2) I am not dumb enough to go to some strange man's house.

I then blocked him.

Mind you, if he looked like Mr Chocolate here I would have been in my car before he could finish giving me his address ..... lol.

I have to admit that being on a dating website is a whole new world.  There are some very strange people out there and, sadly, I seem to attract a lot of them.

From the guy who wanted me to not wash my feet for a week, stay barefoot (I rarely wear shoes except when I have to) so that he could suck on my dirty toes ..... ew!!!  

To the one who wanted me to tie him up, whip him with a riding crop and let him dress in my underwear .... lol.

Oh and the 45yr old guy who lists his occupation as a Gigilo .... he actually sends me contact requests about once a fortnight - silly boy ... I have enough trouble finding money to pay my bills without supporting a hunk .... lol

And the charmer who wanted to do some very kinky things that even I would blanch at!

In between are the guys between 18 and 30 - I have lost count how many of them want me to go out with them. 

Let's be realistic here.

What 20 something boy would like to be seem arm in arm with a woman in her 60s???    Can't you imagine what his friends would say??   Oh my ... rotfl.

Mrs Robinson I ain't ....lol

I also get a lot of requests from married men ... I don't share so why would I want to become someone's mistress?    On top of that if a guy cheats on his wife then he would also cheat on his mistress.

What I also find amusing is the men around my age - between 52 and 68 - who are not .... shall we say ... attractive at all but who are looking for a slender, beautiful woman between 20 and 35.

No offense but what gorgeous woman is going to choose an overweight unattractive guy in his 50s or 60s over a muscular stud in his 30s or 40s unless there is a healthy amount of dollars involved?

So I am still dateless .... maybe I am too choosy but I don't think so.  I just want to meet a cute (to me anyway) guy, average to muscular build, over 6ft and between 50 and 65 who lives within a 75km radius definitely not from overseas or interstate.  

One who would like to be in a relationship with me - a larger woman but one who is  .... Sex Goddess number 1 ..... rotfl.