Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Welcome ....

Welcome to my new blog ... all welcome (even stupid dumb stalkers .... rotfl).

If I don't hit return I get one para but if I do I get a double space between.Its annoying going into the html and deleting the spaces ....

My line break settings are on "Enter" and my HTML is set on interpret so it should not put in a double.

I am so angry at myself for losing them all.When I got my Tablet for Christmas I logged in and set it up and then noticed I had a few thousand pictures in the gallery.  That took up a lot of memory and I realised that the pic were from my blogs.

Did some research and found that all blog photos are stored in Picaso and to remove them from the Tablet I had to go to Picaso and tell it to ignore the tablet.

Yep ... you guessed it ... not only did it ignored the Tablet it ignored the blogs so all my blogs lost all their pictures.

I was upset because a lot of the pics were from many, many years ago and I no longer had them.

Still it was done and I couldn't get them back.Contacted Blogger and followed the instructions they sent me but they didn't work. ... :

Now when I went into what was my main blog it would take forever to load when I wanted to do anything to it so decided a change was due.

Google and other search engines send people to older posts and then they contact me to say I have no pics ...

I will leave the old blog open for a week or so then close it down and hopefully that will end the emails telling me I have no pics .... lol.

Please leave a comment so I know you know how all bloggers love to read comments!!

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  1. Thanks for the new blog site! I upload all my photos to a Picasa web album, and from there to blog. All the photos are stored on the web, and then I can delete from my computer's hard drive. Good luck...