Sunday, 13 May 2012

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Nothing exciting to report ... had a good afternoon sketching and painting yesterday.  The nude model we had (female) was very good; used her before; she always does some interesting poses and they are usually challenging in some way.  Yesterday was no exception.

1 minute sketch
earlier 1 min sketch
I was able to get down a number of pencil sketches, some monochromatic pastels and 4 quick watercolours.  I looked back at my first sketches from the start of the year and compared them to yesterdays.  I am getting a lot more detail in the short time of each pose.  Look at the difference in the two 1 minute poses.

At first I thought that 1 minute was just ridiculous to even get a few lines in - but now I realise you can get quite a lot done in that short period of time.

I hadn't worked with a live model since the late 60s so it was almost like starting from scratch again.

5 minute watercolour
The same applies to the watercolours - my first attempts were not that successful as I was trying to get too much detail in the short time and so the work was a mess of paint with no definition.  Now I am using the 'less is more' idea and I think it works better.

The other week one of the other artists suggested using our other hand to sketch for the fun of it.

Left hand work
Everyone agreed, some of us hesitant - I have never tried using my left hand - but I have to say I was surprised by my result.  You could actually tell what it was supposed to be .... rotfl.

Today I sketched out two new ideas for art work - one is a giraffe head and the other a bear's head.  Decided I will do the bear first. 

But then I had fun (not) trying to tape it (the watercolour paper) to the board.  As fast as I tore off the masking tape and started to put it on the paper/board, one of my cats (Cali) kept ripping it off.  She thought it was a great game until I gave up after throwing away 5 or 6 strips of masking tape that were covered in fur and shredded from her claws.

She was a bit disappointed when I stopped ... she wandered off to lie in the sun streaming through the window when there was no more tape coming.  Once I knew she was away I quickly taped the paper to the board all ready to start.

Just discovered that two of my favourite musicals are coming to Sydney -  A Chorus Line and South Pacific!!

I love them and it would be great to go and see  ... big question - am I brave enough to see them alone?  Am I brave enough to drive myself to the city - haven't driven in Sydney for about 18 years and then it was to skirt by the outside on the way to somewhere else (State Athletics for younger son).

Truth be told - I don't think I can do it .... lol.  Driving somewhere I am not familiar with is too stressful for me, driving in the city is madness - people only do it if they have to .... lol, then sitting there like some desperate person all alone -

I took myself to see one of the Harry Potter movies and you wouldn't believe the weird looks I got because I was alone .... lol.

Guess that was one of the reasons why I wanted to meet a nice guy .... rotfl.

STILL WAITING TO SATISFY MY CURIOSITY .....  who lives in Pennant Hills or around that area, uses Apple and visits this blog usually each day??  Not sure if it is you?  Check the Feedit on the right hand site when you log in and see if it says Pennant Hills.  Can you please leave a message or drop me an email? .... rotfl.

Noticed I have had a couple of visitors from Chile lately - took me back to when I travelled in both places .... back in the early 70s I spent a few days in Chile then 4 weeks in Peru and then an extra week in Santiago, Chile - was only supposed to change planes but got caught up in the Allende revolution and spent a week there, tear gas, water cannon and gun fire ...

Also met a yummy Chilean guy ... wonder what ever happened to him??

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