Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Math .....

I consider myself an intelligent woman; I have a very high IQ (passed the Mensa entrance exam ...lol; 149 on the old S&B scale) - I love learning 'stuff', collect all sorts of obscure and trivial information BUT, yes there is always a but .......!!

..... I can't count, do Math, in fact the thought of anything with numbers terrifies me.

Okay, you are probably thinking she is talking about algebra or physics equations .... guess what?  I am talking about basic elementary easy peasy math .... I do know my 2x, my 5x and my 10x tables but that's it; the others in between may just as well not exist.

I can add in a very weird sort of way with reams of paper but anything else I flounder and then sink like a stone.  To me Math is like some obscure language dialect that only a handful of people know and cannot be taught to anyone else because it is so hard.

You probably thinking how the hell did she pass the Mensa test - blitz all the other questions and then the Math ones ... er kinda ....um .......

I am the only person I know who has to count on their fingers to play 21 (only because sitting with a calculator would make me look even more silly).

I saw the pic on the right the other day; a friend had posted it on Facebook and I thought YES, that's right!!  That is exactly what it is like.

I have absolutely no idea where to even start a Math problem.  In high school I studied every subject at Advanced level except for Math ... that I did at the lowest possible and still managed to never score any more than 20 in a test; my usual score was around 10 .... lol.

All my other subjects I managed to keep myself about the class average - being brainy was something that was not encouraged by other students when I went to school so I always held back to make sure that I didn't stand out.  Now I look back with a little regret and wonder what I could have achieved if I hadn't allowed my brains to get in the way .... rotfl.

Anyway, back to numbers.  I even used a number 'thingy' to help me when I get stressed.  I would start at 1 and count in the Fibonacci sequence.  To get into three figures took so much that it made the stress disappear.

I use all sorts of sneaky methods to solve everyday Math problems dealing with money, patchwork, etc so I can hide my 'problem' from the world.  I love to do suduko problems and someone once asked me how could I do them as they are full of numbers .... simple - I don't see numbers 1-9.  Instead I see shapes - triangles, circles, etc and so instead of a Math problem it becomes a logic one.

Unfortunately you can't substitute shapes for numbers in most other things but I have managed to sneak past - of course, now I am out of the closet .... Yes I am a Math failure!!

So do you have a stumbling block with something that others find simple??  Are you prepared to face the world with me and come out of your closet??

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  1. Maths is a left brain thing. It's obvious by your beautiful art work that you are very right brained. :) I am exactly even (right and left) in every right left brain test i have ever done. It has advantages, but oh, how I miss not being outstanding in the right brain things!