Sunday, 6 May 2012

Central Coast Excursion ....

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For some unknown and possibly obscure reason the local Electricity supplier decided that they would cut the power to my area from 7am until 5 pm today.

Now there are things I could do at home like paint and read without power BUT I couldn't make a coffee.  To go all day without at least one cup was not worth considering so I decided I would take myself out for the day.

Checked the weather report last night and it said there was going to be a heavy surf with winds around 30 knots so decided to drive up the Central Coast and get some pics of waves crashing.

Left home at 8am and thought it would be a good idea to make a slight detour, only a few minutes, and go to Somersby Falls to see if there was a better flow than when I last went there.

It was about the same but I took a couple of picture while I was there.

Unfortunately, I was so early (about 9.45am) it meant that the sun was in the wrong place so I took pics of some of the smaller falls that the sun had not yet hit.

Still I enjoy the view.  I didn't walk down to the lower falls - it is a very hard walk and I was alone.  I had enough trouble last time I did it and I had someone with me ... lol.

So this time I only went to the top of the falls and to the bottom of the 1st fall.  It is so lovely there; lots of bush turkeys wandering around, frogs croaking, beautiful ferns ...

I intend to go back there after we have had a reasonable amount of rain and hopefully get some photos.

Along the road to the falls there was a stand of liquid ambers - they were lovely.  They ranged in colour from lime green to rich deep reds.  

I always find it amazing that you can have the same type of trees alongside each other and yet each is in a different stage of leaf colour. 

Next place on the agenda was MacMasters Beach only to discover that the 'dangerous' surf conditions were non existant.

There was almost no wind and the sun was shining, a beautiful day but not the day I was hoping for.  I wanted a heavy surf, crashing into the beach and crashing over the rocks.

Decided I would go to Putty Beach and see if the waves were crashing on the rocks there but was very disappointed.

It was pretty obvious that there was not much of a surf running because there were a lot of rock fishermen out. 

Last place to visit was Patonga.  I was hoping to get some pictures of pelicans and maybe do a quick watercolour so drove on.

Parked near one of the boat ramps, and climbed down and was lucky as there were a few pelicans standing on the edge of the ramp.

I took a couple of pictures of them and another landed very close to me on the sand.  He stood there for me to take his picture.

Then some man came along to put his boat in the water and they all flew away.

Decided I would put my camera back in the car and get my sketchbook to do a little painting of the area.  It is pretty and I plonked myself down on a rock and started painting.

I think I was painting for about 10 minutes when one pelican landed at the edge of the water and waddled out toward me.  He was followed by another four.  The five of them came right up to were I was sitting and proceeded to try and stare me down.

I was disappointed that I had put my camera back in the car but realised if I got up I would scare them away.  I forgot about the scenic painting and did some very quick sketches of them.

I am sure they knew what I was up to - they all waddled back and forth, stretched their wings, opened their bills and scratched their heads.

It was so hard trying to get anything down on paper because they were jostling amongst themselves trying to get closer.

After about 10 minutes they realised that I had nothing to feed them with so they waddled back into the water and with one or two backward glances swam off.  Sat looking at the water and enjoying the day for another 20 minutes, wiggling my toes in the sand while I ate an apple.

Think next time I go I will pick up some prawns to feed them, keep my camera with me and hopefully I get some good close up photographs.

These are the times you wish you had someone to share the day with, especially the magic of the pelicans - but at least I took myself out. 

Ended up I did about 150kms (300 round trip) but it was a lovely day.  Called into local Maccas for a coffee and to relax a little before getting home about 3.30pm.  Luckily the power came back on just before 4.

Tired now from all the driving and my right knee is a bit tender from both driving and climbing up and down stairs.  Sore neck but overall feel good.

The 'A' is Blacktown where I live & the the yellow dotted line was my trip.

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