Monday, 12 March 2012

Yummy Apples and Fruit Pies and EXCITING news .....

Took a trip out to Bilpin, on the lower Blue Mountains on Sunday; it is famous for its fruit ... plums, berries, peaches, pears .... but especially its apples.  It is about 55km from my house along the Bell's Line of Road and 623 mts above sea level.

The road runs through Richmond and then across the Hawkesbury River on the North Richmond bridge.  That same bridge was closed during the recent floods I previously wrote about.

Then the road heads up the mountain through Kurrajong and Kurrajong Heights and on to Bilpin. If you stay on the road it eventually goes through Bell then links up to the Great Western Highway at Mt Victoria.  From Mt Victoria you can go west toward Lithgow or back through Katoomba and back down the mountain.  Did consider making a round trip but it would be almost 200kms which is a lot of driving especially when you are alone and HFA - that needs planning .... lol.

Anyway, as you drive along Bell's Line of Road there are roadside stalls, little cafes and lots of orchards - most allow you to pick your own fruit.  I wanted some lovely fresh apples and I had decided I wanted to pick them myself.

I went to Pine Crest Orchard; they have a Facebook pages, as well as the website, and update people on what fruit is ready to pick and also the state of the ground.  They had warned that it was still very wet and mushy underfoot so boots or even gumboots were the best choice.  Plus once I had decided to go I planned out my trip and couldn't deviate to go to a different one .... rotfl.

The area is set along the mountain ridge so it is all up and down.  Naturally the apples I wanted (Red Delicious) were at the top end of the orchard so I wandered through the long grass smelling in the delights of blossoms, wet grass and mountain air.

There is something very satisfying with wandering through an orchard picking fruit straight from the tree.

Bilpin Fruit Bowl
On the way back down the mountain I called into a couple of shops - Bilpin Fruit Bowl and  Pie in the Sky and bought some pies - apricot, peach, apple & rhubarb, plain apple and apple & mango.

The name says it ...
The smell inside each shop was delicious - was very tempting; I wanted to sample all the different varieties.  Especially in Pie in the Sky - they had gourmet meat pies .... lamb, Angus beefsteak, chicken, and the list went on and on .... chunky diced meat definitely no mince.  I bought a vegetable pie and it was scrumptious ... filled to the brim and wonderful pastry.

The smell of apples and freshly baked pies filled my car on the drive back down to Blacktown.

a couple of my pies
Now my freezer has some fruit pies on hand in case ... let's face it a girl sometimes needs something sweet and yummy to eat!

The apples are sitting on my bench; I devoured two on the drive - oh my ... so sweet and juicy and crisp!!

There is no comparison between freshly picked apples and the ones bought in the supermarket - those are usually kept in cold storage from last season and tend to go floury.

NOW my really, really, REALLY exciting news - my latest grandchild is almost here!!!

The baby had dropped and is ready so it might even decide to come without any help before the 40 week mark.

Her mum is spending the day with DIL today and I will tomorrow, just in case.

It is such an exciting time - another new life.  So tiny and so new - my handsome grandson is my eldest grandchild at 9 and now we almost have another little one!

Can't wait to hold it; can't wait to see Nathan or Abi holding it - remember getting a great pic of Nathan holding Abi so will have to make sure I get one of him holding the latest addition.

So the next time I post I will be able to tell you all about the latest addition to the family!!

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