Saturday, 17 March 2012

Welcome to Madeleine Suzanne .....

After her parents and grandparents thought she would arrive on Wednesday or Thursday, Madeleine Suzanne decided to take her time and arrive via emergency C section today, March 17 at 10.15am.

It has been an extremely stressful 3 days for us but, thankfully it all turned out fine in the end. But boy what an emotionally roller coaster .... I don't handle stress very well at all anymore .... to emotional  The worst part is I am bingeing like there is no tomorrow - it is like relief that things are okay so now I can eat non-stop .... I could feed an African nation on the amount of food I am consuming ..... :(

But back to the most important things - Miss Madeleine .... weighing 4.18kg (9.2 lbs) and 54 cm long (21.5") - Mum and Bub both well.

May I introduce you to Miss Madeleine Suzanne P ...

Big sister Abi and Daddy
Madeleine Suzanne

Mummy and Madeleine

Madeleine in Daddy's big hands ..


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  1. Congratulations everyone involved. :))) Beautiful name, too. Wishing her joy and love and a very happy life.

  2. Oh Grandma that's lovely and named after you. It has a lovely ring to it when you say all 3 names together.
    That will give you a new interest and some extra duties babysitting in a while. Enjoy the new addition.