Friday, 9 March 2012

Dangerous Woman ....

Goodness me!!  What is happening to the woman?

No man in my life anymore and was feeling rather lonely and down then decided suddenly I needed a new outlook on my life .... lol.

Had an epiphany about who I am and who I want to be; so decided I needed to rediscover myself, to find that spark of life from my youth.  Okay I am close to 63 but I felt I had got myself into a rut and lost my  'joie de vivre'; so -

  • New tattoo - OM symbol on my inside left wrist (the right will get mantra Om Mani padme Hum in Sanskit very soon)
  • new hair cut - shave one side and dyed bright pink, the rest is very very short but dark purple and dark browny/mahogany.  Next time I go ( early April) will have something different again, maybe all pink .... lol
  • Feeling very strong, feel great
  • Taken myself out for drives a number of times - yes this woman has actually LEFT the house!!
  • Meet up with some wonderful people who I have been online friends with for many years.
  • No depression
  • New anklet (broke my old one years ago & never replaced it) plus an OM to go on it
  • No sadness
  • Started going to a weekly Life Sketch club - if nothing else it will help my painting of nudes
  • No stress
  • Not feeling lonely
  • shock horror - I have painted my fingernails bright red!!!

Okay that may not sound like much but I have not painted my fingernails since I was a teenager - so about 45 years!!!

My word the woman is dangerous!  Look out world!!

What do you do when you feel you need a change, need to take control of your life and move onward??

Do you re-invent, have a makeover or is there some other way you put a new spring into your step?

Mind you, I have no idea if this is all a sham in my head; another way of pretending I am not HFA or merely trying to overcome my feeling so inadequate and useless; so emotional defective or what .... but time will tell.

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  1. All of the above!! I love your new outlook..I love the tattoo and hairdo, and the mantra. Soozii is good! I have had to re-look as well; say farewell, refocus on me rather than those I think I need to please...Thanks for your insights!