Friday, 23 March 2012

Back to Normal(?) .....

Things are finally settling down and we are getting back to 'normal' (well normal for me at least) .... Madeleine and Mum are back home now with her Daddy and big sister.

Big sister is very much taken with her new sibling ... a little disappointed that she can't read or draw or dance yet but apart from those obvious flaws she thinks she is okay  .... lol.

I spent the afternoon and evening with them all yesterday and it was lovely to relax with everyone and nurse both my grand daughters.

 Found a great CD for meditating to - very relaxing and I found it perfect -Il Canto De Tibet by Captanata.  - plus it is a Lama singing OM with a singing bowl so it is perfect for me.

You can listen to it here, it goes for just over an hour and runs at 432 Hz.


I have tracked down a copy of it and now have it in my collection.

I would like a singing bowl; found some on Ebay but they are very tiny, only 8cm and I would like one around the 20cm mark, that is not too expensive - did find one under $60 but they sold out and most that size seem to start around $200 and then

No way I am spending that sort of money aside from the fact that I don't have it .... lol.  I am amazed at the price ranges - ones recently made in India are selling for as much as antique genuine Tibetan ones ... seems crazy to me.  The one I saw cheaper was a Tibetan one and it came with the striker.

 No luck on the Internet dating scene - seem to attract the wrong sort ..... married guys, guys under 30 or ones who are looking for a FWB or sex buddy or else those who just want a one night stand.

Surely there are guys out there who are not so sleazy who would like to meet nice women?  Unfortunately I just don't seem to be able to find them ..... rotfl.  I am greedy, I don't like to share nor am I the slightest bit interested in being someone's sex friend.

I do have Bob to keep me company - damn shame he can't take me out to dinner, the movies or for a picnic or two then I wouldn't even need to be on dating sites .....ROTFL! 

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  1. LOL At least BOB will never embarrass you in public :)
    Remind me to show you my Singing Bowl next time you are here. It has a lovely sound.

  2. Congrats on the beautiful new grandbaby. Lovely family!

    BOB vs. internet dating...hmmmm!