Friday, 24 February 2012

Wasp Attack .....

(Sunday update at the end)

There are times in the life of a single woman when she wishes desperately that there was another person in the house .... just had one of those times.

I was clearing the mountain of weeds in the backyard (my younger son had started the job for me last week after he cut all the edges around the property); I noticed there was a few wasps around so I figured I would leave well alone and come back later.

Went back late afternoon to finish the job, no wasps in sight - so I thought.

One bloody vicious one was hiding and went down the back of my shirt.  I felt something but thought it was a weed so kept doing what I was doing when bam!!  The bloody thing stung me!

There I was desperately trying to get my shirt off before it stung me again but no such luck.

Ended up with about 13 or 14 stings, mainly on my back plus two on my arm.

My property backs onto the main western railway line - the passengers would have wonder what the hell was going on, as a train was waiting at the signal lights.

They would have seen this large mad older woman, leaping around tearing off her clothes and beating them on the ground ..... lol.

Anyway, I came inside and had a shower then smothered myself in Aloe Vera only to discover that I could not reach all the stings no matter what I did.

Oh - if there was only someone who could have soothed my back for me .... bugger they really hurt!!

An hour later and I have large red welts, mainly the ones I couldn't reach, but I feel okay so I guess I am lucky.

UPDATE SUNDAY - I just read that if you get stung more than 10 times by wasps you should go straight to hospital; I counted 17 stings so it sounds like I was lucky to only have the excruciating pain I did and nothing else!

I have some bruising around each sting and there is still a little swelling but not much.  A couple on my back are uncomfortable still but I think that is because they are under my bra. 

Can't find the nest anywhere - did find an empty one but can't find the one they are using now - there are wasps around so there has to be one somewhere.   Grrrr - I will find the bloody thing!!

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  1. How horrid. I hope you are feeling less pain by now.
    Do get rid of the nest!
    Careful hugs, Ali.