Friday, 24 February 2012

Wasp Attack .....

(Sunday update at the end)

There are times in the life of a single woman when she wishes desperately that there was another person in the house .... just had one of those times.

I was clearing the mountain of weeds in the backyard (my younger son had started the job for me last week after he cut all the edges around the property); I noticed there was a few wasps around so I figured I would leave well alone and come back later.

Went back late afternoon to finish the job, no wasps in sight - so I thought.

One bloody vicious one was hiding and went down the back of my shirt.  I felt something but thought it was a weed so kept doing what I was doing when bam!!  The bloody thing stung me!

There I was desperately trying to get my shirt off before it stung me again but no such luck.

Ended up with about 13 or 14 stings, mainly on my back plus two on my arm.

My property backs onto the main western railway line - the passengers would have wonder what the hell was going on, as a train was waiting at the signal lights.

They would have seen this large mad older woman, leaping around tearing off her clothes and beating them on the ground ..... lol.

Anyway, I came inside and had a shower then smothered myself in Aloe Vera only to discover that I could not reach all the stings no matter what I did.

Oh - if there was only someone who could have soothed my back for me .... bugger they really hurt!!

An hour later and I have large red welts, mainly the ones I couldn't reach, but I feel okay so I guess I am lucky.

UPDATE SUNDAY - I just read that if you get stung more than 10 times by wasps you should go straight to hospital; I counted 17 stings so it sounds like I was lucky to only have the excruciating pain I did and nothing else!

I have some bruising around each sting and there is still a little swelling but not much.  A couple on my back are uncomfortable still but I think that is because they are under my bra. 

Can't find the nest anywhere - did find an empty one but can't find the one they are using now - there are wasps around so there has to be one somewhere.   Grrrr - I will find the bloody thing!!

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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Nearly There .....

Back to the painting - I have started doing all the little fiddling bits now.

The monk got his glasses fixed (lol) and touched up any highlights and low lights; a very muted background added.

Time to start on the tiger.  I did the black details on his/her fur and around the mouth and nose.  I will knock back the severity of the black when I add the white strands of fur.  I will do the white on the tiger in gouache because I want it to stand out; hence putting the black on first as the white hair will go over the top and soften the edges of the black fur.

As usual I have included the previous progress picture for comparison.

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Making a Book .....

Although I haven't been painting I have been a little creative.

I joined a Life Sketch group, we meet every Saturday afternoon and sketch .... lol.  The cost for the live models over 8 weeks is negligible when share between us all.  Last week we had a male model who was excellent and this week I think I heard someone mention it was to be a female.  It is interesting to see how others perceive the same subject and during our two breaks (to give the model a chance to shake out kinks) we all checked out each others work.

I have to admit my first 3 or 4 sketches were only fit for the rubbish bin - but then I started to relax and got some reasonable ones down.  It is hard to sketch something reasonable in  a few minutes, and even 30 minutes means you only get basic shape down and not a lot of detail.

We had 10 x 1 min warm up sketches and none of mine looked like anything other than scribbles on a page.  But by the time we were doing the 5 mins sketches I was okay.  The final sitting were 1 x 20 minute and a 30 minute.  The model was very good, male, and even those who have attended the meets last year said he was one of the best they had used.

I took a couple of different sized pads and charcoal, graphite and pencils.  Next time I won't bother with the charcoal as it makes such a mess in the pads; I ended up just using graphite.  I will also take some watercolour paper next time for the longer sketches so I can tint or paint them when I get home.

25 x A3 sheets folded in half.
That being the case I decided I wanted to take some watercolour paper to work on.  I did not want to take single sheets or a large pad and I did not want to have to go out and buy a smaller pad.  So I decided to make my own book filled with A4 sheets.

I have part of a roll of paper left so I cut up a metre or so to make 25 sheets A3 size, then folded these in half and put them in bundles of 5 (signatures).

using an awl to make the holes
Next I put holes in the centre of each signature - 4 holes accurately measured so they all lined up with each other.

The 4 holes spaced along the centre.  I put one 1 12/"at the top and bottom then the others 2 1/2" from them.

I then stitched the signatures together using dental floss.  I followed this pattern as far as the numbers went but a couple of times I went wrong but in the end I got the 5 signatures stitched.

5 signatures sewn toget
Sewing guide - go in at one , then out at 2 etc.
Then I set those aside and went to work on the cover.  I had some heavy cardboard which I cut down to slightly larger than A3, making sure I took into consideration the width of the spine in relations to the signatures.

Next I scored the spine at the start and end of the thickness of those signatures.

Adding the sari to the cover.
I reinforced the scorings then cover the front in calico.  I used PVA glue and left enough so I could turn the edges onto the inside of the cover.  Once it was dry (overnight) I then covered the 'book' in some lovely purple sari material I had, leaving edges to turn again.  This was left to dry again.

The first page stuck to the inside of the front cover.
SO now I had a covered book and the signatures for inside - time to put them together.

I covered the inside of the spine with plenty of PVA glue and put in a pice of ribbon I had cut to make a bookmark, then carefully I put glue on the inside left hand side of the cover.  Next place a piece of wax paper between the first sheet of the signatures. Very careful I close then book, making sure the signatures well push into the spine as hard as possible and the first page was aligned correctly to the inside left cover.

I put some bricks on the book and left it overnight.

Next morning, it was time to stick the last page onto the inside right hand cover, leaving it to dry with the bricks.

And now  .... viola ... I have a 'book' of 50 watercolour sheets to take with me to the next Life Sketch group.  Now hopefully the sketches I do will do justice to my book!!

You could use this idea to make your own journal using either blank or lined paper.  Your book can be any size you like.

There are lots of blogs with better details if you are interested enough to give it a go or you can send me an email and I will try and explain, plus tell you my mistakes .... lol

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

No Painting ....

Haven't done any painting this week; have a personal issue which is not conducive to painting now I have to try and get my head back together.  I hope that I can finish the piece sometime.

In the meantime here is another jigsaw puzzle for you ... took me a little while and I drew it!  Maybe I should have used the ghost option .... lol

preview180 pieceA Glass of Tea

Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones.

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Friday, 10 February 2012

Almost Done ....

As you can see I am getting down to the 'pointy end of the stick' now.

This layer of colour has put in some of the details like the glasses and the tattoos; it has also added colour to the fur.

Next layer I will add the highlights to the fur - definition to show the hair on the tiger and the whiskers.

I am going to put in a background wash - just some soft greens and browns to give a hint of trees in the background.

This is the previous layer so you can compare the two.

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Another Two Layers ...

In case you are wondering what happened to my pictures in my old posts - therein lies a story ... lol.

I was looking through the pictures on my Tablet when I discovered a few albums with hundreds of photos in them that I couldn't delete.  Went on line and discovered if you have a Google+ account then you can delete them through that so I did.

Er .... no-one told me that ALL the photos on all of my blogs are saved as Albums in Google+ - nor did they tell me that if you delete said albums you also delete them on your blogs!!

I have gone through all the settings and there is no way to turn it off so I am going to have to put up with them being sent to Google+ and my tablet.  If anyone has figured out how to get rid of the connection between blog, Google+ and the tablet without closing Google+ let me know.

I wont tell you that I am not a happy girl!!

I have replaced the photos for the Monk pictures but I am bot going back through all my posts to put the rest back in.

If there is any picture that anyone really needs then email me and I will send it to you ... lol

This latest layer added more skin tones to the Monk; his facial details are almost completed, I will add the glasses next then finish the face.

There is more colour to the body and more shading.

The tiger is starting to get more colour and details.

Have painted in another layer - this time I have added more colour to the tiger's head and started to define the monk's face and his tattoos.

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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Jigsaw for Your Enjoyment ...

The weather has not very very good lately - rather dark as well as raining so I have not done anymore on my painting - I prefer to paint in natural light.

Instead I have made a jigsaw from one of my other paintings, just click on the picture and it will take you to the jigsaw page - have fun!

preview154 pieceBonobo

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