Saturday, 28 January 2012

My Next Painting Project ....

This is my current painting project - for me it represents all that my religion (Buddhism) is all about - the caring, compassion and love, serenity, peace, to develop wisdom and understanding, to be in equanimity, free of bias, attachment and anger.

Ready to paint -

I sketched in the drawing then I removed as many of the pencil marks as I could.  I left those line that will  show me where each colour of the paint is to go.

Here I have defined the area with my paint and then I erased the rest of the pencil marks; I didn't worry too much where the tattoos will go as they will cover the pencil.

It is very hard to see I know but basically it is the pencil lines but defined in very transparent watercolour in the basic colours of each area.

This is the first wash, I have given myself reference areas without much detail.  Areas where the fabric folds, sun hits the body and the shadow are not really defined yet.

I will leave it for a number of hours so there is no chance it is still wet before I begin to add the next wash layer.

For those interested in the Sony Tablet - yes you can use a USB to download photos, you can also take both photos and video with your tablet, it also has a microphone.

You can download a basic Photoshop type program for your tablet which will let you do some minor editing of your Photos like cropping, rotating, exposures, tinting, etc.

Check out the main  Android market site for other stuff that you can download - a lot of it is free .... :).  There are other sites out there as well that offer Apps, games, books, etc.

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  1. Would love pics of ongoing progress on this beautiful creation. And thanks for the Sony tablet info!

  2. Hi Sooziii, That is looking very promising. Were you drawn to the tats?
    Hope you are well and venturing out from time to time. Love from Ali.

  3. Lol- actually Ali I did consider leaving them off at one point but then decided that it added depth. Sort of paintings within paintings ....