Sunday, 8 January 2012

Cute Kids ....

My beautiful grandchildren ..... easy to see they are cousins.

Spent 8 days in Queensland with both my sons and their families.  It was so great to have them all together.  The kids had lots of fun.  

Was sad to leave my elder son when my holiday was over but I will be back there in August for his wedding.

My elder son's partners cute 4 year old son ..... he is so petite; my granddaughter at 2 outweighs and is

A short few minutes walk to the beach ... the kids loved playing in the water.  Was very shallow flats that were only about 50cm deep so they could splash about.

A walk of about 400m to the deeper water but we didn't bother as there was enough fun to be had in the shallows.

I love this tree - there were lots of them all over the area where we were but this one took my fancy, probably because of the proximity to the water.

Early each morning I would hear tap-tap-tap ... as if someone were hammering nails. It was these lovely little Rainbow Bee-eaters; they would catch insects then bashed them on the wooden fence palings before they ate them.

They are small - 20cm (8") and they catch the bees and wasps in the air then rub bees and wasps against the palings to remove their stings before eating them.

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  1. Loved seeing the little ones' pics and those magnificent birds...have never seen anything like them!