Monday, 19 September 2011

Picnic Day ...

Had a wonderful day with most of my family the other week; I am sure my grand son and my grand daughter enjoyed themselves - they certainly looked like they did ..... lol

Cuddle time
There were such a lot of emus and kangaroos wandering around - a couple invited themselves for lunch ..

My grandson had a go throwing a boomerang and then got to hold a snake ...

Abi loved the kangaroos and wanted to rub her face on them all the time; she was such a good girl all day; never wanted to go into her stroller, she walked everywhere!!!

I am getting Nathan again after his birthday (Oct) and he and his mum are coming over for lunch or dinner one day in the school holidays to check out Cali and Mr Spot.

I am so pleased that I arranged the day - I really loved it.  Mind you younger son drove as there was enough room in their car for Nathan and me but I still had to leave the house!!

So our (Nathan and I) next outing is probably going to be to Mini Golf - Nathan likes playing golf on his Wii - I am guessing younger son and family will come too.  Will is a golfer and I can just imagine how Abi 'play' golf.
Nathan moving a lunch guest on ....

Not sure what animal Abi loved the best - she certainly gave plenty of cuddles to the kangaroos and the lovely Alpine dingo.

Checking out the desserts ....
Nathan spent some time getting rid of our unwanted dinner guests - it is a bit annoying to try and bite into a roll when you have an emu trying to do the same thing at the same time or a kangaroo trying to sort through all the goodies to see what tastes best!

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  1. :) What a lovely day!. Nice that you have more planned, too.

  2. Hi Sooziii, That looks like a great day out. Wow, have your grand kids grown!
    I hope you keep going on outings regularly so you get to think it is the norm again.
    Big hugs my firend, Ali.

  3. What a beautiful outing and picnic day Sooziii. The grandchildren had themselves a ball and how loving and trusting little Abi is. Great to see you all having fun. xxx

  4. Loved it!!! Felt like I was there...