Sunday, 4 September 2011

Picnic Day Coming Up .....

Looking forward to next Sunday - spending the day with my handsome eldest grandson!

We are off to the Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park at Calga.  Really excited about going.  My son and his family are coming also so we will have a lovely picnic day; hopefully the weather is kind to us and we have lots of fun.  Hopefully I get lots of pictures of my family and all the animals.

I am trying to see him at least once a month now that I am getting better and able to leave the house.

Watched a couple of his recent soccer games and that was so good to be able to a) get out of the house and b) be able to see him.

Still an effort to leave the house but as long as I plan it carefully I feel like I have control and can do it.  I am sure people would laugh - I pour over Google maps and plan every step of the way; then I work on alternative routes in case I either get lost or there is a problem.

Mind you that doesn't always work - I had to pick up on of my new cats from Willoughby - I planned every step of the way; was physically sick before I left, got there and picked up the cat but somehow I turned left instead of right.  I panicked big time ..... ended up ringing a friend, hysterical.  He got me to take a few deep breaths and tell him the names of streets and shops where I was.

Turned out I was only one street away from where I needed to be and he got me back on the right road. it was awful because I couldn't think straight and didn't even have the sense to open a street directory!

Honestly I cannot believe how this fear of leaving the house has affected me!!!

Three years ago I would have thought nothing of driving all over the state now I cringe when I have to go to the supermarket three streets away!!

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  1. That's lovely to hear you are venturing out, Sooziii. Time with family is a good thing, too. :)

  2. I can so understand your phobia...been there! You're doing great; enjoy your updates...

  3. Well done :-D It certainly is a handicap Sooziii but you continue to deal with it with the help of understanding folk you can ring or share with. The main thing is you can master 'it' and not the other way round. Phew - great that you are getting out to give yourself and grandson memories of fun