Sunday, 20 May 2018


So excited, my next book with my new publisher comes out early next month.

I'm just working on the second round of edits. I really love this publisher, they are so orientated to getting the best for, and from, their authors. Their editors have to be the best in the business - I've learnt quite a lot of things from them that my previous publisher let slide. Because of that I think I am producing much better books.

So a big thank you to Evernight Publishing!

Book number 19 - out June 5th!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

My Mantra...

So many times people have said things to me that have hurt deeply. Some still bite after years. Some still have the power to make me question my self-worth even after years have gone by. Some sting as much now as they did when they were first said or written to me.

Remember words can hurt more than you can imagine. Think before you speak.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Time to Get Back to Work....

Had my lovely 15 yr old grandson stay for nine days so not much writing done but the two of us had fun. Lots of laughs as usual when we get together. Now it's back to work.

I've signed the contract on my new book which is due out in July and now I'm getting stuck into writing the next two books in this new series. I would like to have at last one finished by the end of May and the third by August. I actually have six books for this series planned in my head but whether they turn out the way I envisage is anyone's guess.

Along with those books I have another eight at various stages. That's the trouble with being an author - you keep getting these ideas for new books and just have to get something down.

Grandson and I went out one day to photograph things. He is learning a lot about his camera and takes some great pictures.

He has taken some great shots of racing cars and bikes as well as some scenic shots - you can follow him on Instagram -

I fiddled about with my macro lens. Happy with some of the results but I know I can do much better.


Glad to know everything has settled down with my granddaughter. She still has to have an EKG - that's booked in for mid May at the Children's Hospital. Have my fingers crossed that it comes back normal.

She is back to her usual self. I get angry when I think of what she's faced. She is blind in one eye, has a duplex kidney, is autistic (like her younger sister) and now all these tests are being thrown at her. I have fingers and toes crossed that nothing comes up.

That tree change I'm always talking about is looking mighty attractive - maybe in the next twelve

Sunday, 15 April 2018

So Excited...

Weird how things go from way down to way up in a split second.

After all the worries of last week and trying to keep upbeat, I finally was feeling good again. Then yesterday I got an email.

Last Thursday week, in the late evening, I submitted a manuscript to my new publisher and then prepared myself for the 3 month wait. Imagine my shock when I got an email yesterday accepting my submission!

Just 7 days!

My first submission took 3 months of nail-bititng waiting and checking the inbox twice a day, I hadn't even got round to doing that with this one!

This new book is the first in a new series and here I was thinking I'd have three months to write book 2. Nope. I'll have to really get stuck into it now... lol.

I shared my news with a few American & Canadian author friends who have the same publisher and they were surprised at how quick it was accepted. One said he thought my first book with them must have been very successful and they grabbed this next book so I didn't submit to any one else.

Beats me - but whatever the reason, I am very excited. Book number 19 will out in a few months! Maybe in time for my birthday in July.

I danced around the kitchen like a crazy lady.

These are the times when you wish you had someone to share your excitement - but at least I shouted from the back verandah....and scared the hell at a person passing by. 😆

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Worried Sick... Final Update....

Eldest granddaughter (8) is seriously ill in hospital. She was rushed there by ambulance on Friday and still there. Not sure at this stage what is happening.

First thought was meningitis but her spinal tap came back clear. She's had countless test including a ECG. Next is an EEG and an MRI as the doctors try to figure out exactly what is wrong with her.

It is a terrible time and that family has been through hell and back in the past 18 months with cancers and serious illnesses - and it looks as if it is still continuing.

Anyway, I have fingers and toes crossed for my dear granddaughter and hope she will turn a corner quickly.

She is a very sick little girl.😪

UPDATE: MRI set for today (Monday) if they can fit her in or else definitely tomorrow.

NEW UPDATE: MRI just done (Tues) now we have to wait on the results. EEG still to be done but that has to be at Westmead Children's Hospital.

BIG thank you for your emails of good wishes, support and hopes 😊

FINAL UPDATE (I hope) : My granddaughter is home at last!

Whilst in hospital, she was immediately started on high doses of IV antibiotics in case it was Meningitis and it continued all throughout her stay. Now she has oral doses 4 times a day for another week. The doctors think she had some sort of severe infection that mimicked Meningitis.

The MRI preliminary report is clear. I think I almost collapsed when I heard that. My mind had been thinking 'tumor' after dealing with my late husband's and I honestly wondered if I'd  have the strength to be able to go through that nightmare again. At last I can breathe again.

She still has to have an EEG but has to wait until Westmead Hospital books her in. There is still concern about the seizures and headaches with the doctors now wondering if she has Epilepsy. She has a pediatrician appointment to follow up and get any additional testing done.

Thanks again for your emails - it has been lovely to have all that support. 😀

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Out Today...

Released today! Get 25% off when you buy from my publisher's website.

When Anabelle Rowley, fifty-five, takes a two-week break at an exclusive beach-front villa, she meets a man—but not just any man. Instead, this one ticks every box on her imaginary boyfriend list.Her Dom%u2019s Secret Past-evernightpublishing-2018
For fifty-two-year-old John Ethan, going on a short vacation to recover from injury and moving to Australia comes rather fast. Imagine his surprise when he meets a woman who arouses his every desire.
Their holiday romance ignites fires in them both and this is something real, something long-lasting. But when Anabelle has to leave suddenly, neither has a way of finding the other again.
Will they ever be able to locate each other? And if they do, then John must reveal a secret, a secret that he fears Anabelle will never understand.
NOTE: Explicit sexual descriptions and language. Will offend some readers.
* * *

Check out some of my inspirations for the book at

Friday, 16 March 2018

Stephen Hawking, My Finger and My New Book...

I was devastated to read of the death of Professor Stephen Hawking. It seemed as if he was destined to live forever yet he had defied all the odds to live the fifty or so extra years once he was diagnosed.

I can remember reading A Brief History of Time - I loved it. I didn't understand it all but nevertheless it struck a cord. I lent that book to someone years ago and never got it back so brought myself a new copy of the updated version - A Briefer History of Time.

I even downloaded a copy of his thesis when he made it available to everyone a couple of years ago. 

He was my hero.

* * * *

“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense
of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. 
Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always 
something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up.”
― Stephen Hawking

* * * *

Well my finger is getting better slowly. It no longer feels weird when I touch it but it is still a baby pinky/red colour. I guess that will fade back to the same colour as the rest of my finger over the coming months.

Needless to say I am now extra careful whenever I make myself a cup of

My next book - Her Dom's Secret Past - is due out March 21st from my new publisher Evernight Publishing. So excited. I've seen the mock-up of the cover and love it! I can't wait to show it to everyone.

I can't believe that this will be my 18th book released. It was a big decision to change publishers and then I had to keep my fingers crossed that the MS wouldn't be rejected. Stupid things go through your head like - 'maybe Siren didn't really think I was a good author and only accepted my manuscripts because they needed a new book' or 'what if no publisher will accept me?'

How stupid is that?

Let's face it no publisher is going to accept one book, let alone 17, if they don't think they can make money from it. (And they sure made a lot of money from my

Anyway, I needn't have worried, Evernight said yes without hesitation. Made me realise I must actually be a good writer... ha ha. Anyway, I'm now waiting impatiently for the 21st March... lol.

So what's it all about?

           When Anabelle Rowley, fifty-five, takes a two-week break at an exclusive beach-front villa, she meets a man—but not just any man. Instead, this one ticks every box on her imaginary boyfriend list.

For fifty-two-year-old John Ethan, going on a short vacation to recover from injury and moving to Australia comes rather fast. Imagine his surprise when he meets a woman who arouses his every desire. 

Their holiday romance ignites fires in them both and this is something real, something long-lasting. But when Anabelle has to leave suddenly, neither has a way of finding the other again. 

Will they ever be able to locate each other? And if they do, then John must reveal a secret, a secret that he fears Anabelle will never understand.

* * * *

If you'd like to read an excerpt head over to my author blog

Monday, 5 March 2018

Sunday Fun...

Went apple picking on Sunday with younger son and his family. My grandaughters thought it was so exciting to pick their apples right off the tree!

I love Red Delicious so that's what I was after. Unfortunately the orchards in the area had major problems with Flying Foxes (Fruit Bats) this year. Still I was able pick 6 kilos of them along with a few kilos of Green Delicious.

As well as some for eating, I'm going to make some Apple Jam and a few jars of Apple Jelly.

Haven't made Apple Jelly before because it is fiddly to make. You have to hang the boiled apples in muslin overnight to extract the pure juice. Then you make the actual jelly from the strained juice the same way as you make jam.

Hopefully it works and tastes delicious.

On the way back down the mountain, we called in to Pie in the Sky and had lunch. Naturally I had to buy some of their wonderful homemade fudge. Lemon Meringue, Butterscotch and some Caramel.

The last book I wrote - Elephants and Ever-Afters - was set in the general area, with the heroine living in Kurmond. A pivotal scene in the book takes place at Pie in the Sky!


UPDATE on my burn. Really happy... my finger has healed very well. I have full movement, thank goodness.

The new skin is still bright red but no longer sensitive although it does feel weird. I's been 6 weeks healing so hopefully by the end of this month it will look the same as my other fingers.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Burn Update...

At last I have the dressings off my burnt finger. My doctor was worried I may lose full movement but thankfully it seems okay.

The only problem is the new skin. The horrid dark brown burnt leathery skin has now fallen off in the 2nd degree burn areas. Now another laying is peeling off but the skin underneath is so tender!

It's bright red and just the tiniest touch is so painful.

The back of the bottom knuckle really hurts when I bend it but the Doc had given me exercises to do so I can get full movement. I have to put up with the pain - rather pain than not be able to move my finger properly.

Been 3 weeks since the accident - all I can say is I'm bloody lucky!

2nd Degree burns often scar badly and you don't get full movement. I think I may be okay although I'll have to wait until they are fully healed. Been covering the burns in Aloe Vera each time the dressings had to been changed.

Still keep shaking my head - I'm so

Time to turn over a new leaf... think it's time for a change.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


I was thinking maybe this year will be better and I'll have no more medical worries...

Famous last words!

Friday afternoon I managed to spill boiling water on my left hand - fortunately (or unfortunately) it only hit one finger but that was enough. For about thirty seconds there was no pain then it hit. OMG I have never in my life felt such agony. I was actually screaming, writhing, howling.

Held my hand under a running tap for about thirty minutes - screaming at the top of my voice and crying.

Then I covered it in Aloe Vera... figured it would be okay but the pain started again just a bad so back under water. For the next four hours I alternated between running water and Aloe Vera still howling and cursing at the top of my voice.

By seven o'clock I was so exhausted from crying I actually fell asleep!

Because it was a public holiday no surgeries were open and, anyway, I live alone and don't have anyone I could call on. My younger son and his family had gone out for the day and they were hours away. (I honestly doubt I could have driven myself - it was hard enough driving a manual car on Tuesday.)

Anyway I dressed the finger after coating it in Aloe again. Next morning the pain was a manageable level so re-bandaged it after more Aloe.

4 days later
Tuesday I had to see my doc about my cancer, been about six weeks since my doc checked after the treatment and the good news is the doc's very happy - and so am I!

Don't have to go back for another six months for another cancer check-up. Big relief. I know I'll have to have continual check-ups like I do for my breast but hell that's nothing.

Anyway while I was there I told him about my finger and he took a look. (I took a couple of pics while I waited for the nurse to re-dress it).

He's worried the blisters may burst and the scar tissue may impede the movement of the finger. Have to go back on Thursday for another check-up unless any blisters burst in which case I have to see him immediately.

I can't believe how clumsy I am!

I just hope this doesn't mean the rest of the year is going to be the

I've just got my first round of edits from my new publisher and trying to type one handed is a big pain (I'm a touch typist). Still I'll have them finished in time. Haven't received my cover yet so really looking forward to seeing what they've come with.

Got my royalties from Siren for the past quarter and added them onto a spreadsheet I keep. So nice to see that in total I've sold thousands and thousands of books. It so exciting to see those numbers of books sold getting larger and larger with each quarter. I can remember when Siren published my first book I told my DIL I'd be excited of it sold 10 copies!!!

Friday, 5 January 2018

A New Year....

So another year has been and gone and what a fucked-up year it was.

I cannot believe that cancer would strike - and so many times. Fortunately younger son is feeling a lot better. The bowel cancer is in remission and the Melanoma has been removed but of course he has to continue with checkups for both from now on. His body is starting to adjust to the weekly chemo doses and he can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

He isn't happy about taking chemo drugs for the rest of his life but then if it keeps him alive then that's what must be. DIL got her results back and she cleared - benign!!

I have my 'two months after final cancer treatment' checkup later this month and hoping for good news. I've gone onto a health kick (although I've blown it over the holiday break) and have lost weight. I'm also walking three times a week - funny how having cancer puts things into perspective.

I've always been someone who tends to live for the day and not worry too much about tomorrow and now I am more so. It's been a shit 6 months coping with my diagnosis and the fact I did it alone without any support but I think I've come out the other side stronger.

The old saying 'that which doesn't kill us makes us stronger' is so true.

Thankfully I've never relied on anyone, I never had girlfriends/friends, for almost the past 6 years I haven't even gone out on a I've always coped with things alone. Perhaps the reason is so I can cope with all that's been thrown my way over the years. Perhaps it is my strength to be alone. So anyway although it was a horrid struggle at times I made it through - and without breaking down into a screaming heap.

Mind you I think if I'd had someone by my side I probably would There were plenty of times I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry my eyes out but I didn't. It would have been a dark pit that I would never have been able to climb out of. I know that pit intimately and I am determined to never go there again. Too many times I struggled and attempted suicide but that is also part of my strength - I've fought the 'black dog' and won!

Anyway this is a new year with new hopes.

I intend to put the cancer behind and get on with living each day to the fullest. I intend to paint, I intend to write and I intend to enjoy every day as if it were the last - I intend to have fun and live!

You've got to sing like you don’t need the money
Love like you’ll never get hurt
You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watchin’
It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work.

Sunday, 24 December 2017


I hope you all have a safe and wonderful festive season. I hope 2018 brings you all you could wish for.

Thanks for following me throughout the year and let's all pray for peace in 2018.

Monday, 11 December 2017


So the year is drawing to a close and looks like my family's health issues are going right down to the wire.

DIL's biopsy results are due in next Monday so we have everything crossed for good news.

Younger son's health woes haven't ended - he now had to go onto a chemo drug ... Methotrexate. One and a half tablets once a week - FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!

The dosage will increase and the side effects are the same as all chemo drugs.

He's onto his second tablet and feels sick all the time, we are hoping his body adjusts and the nausea wears off soon. It's bad enough to have to go onto chemo but to have to have it forever is such a big shock for us all.

All I can say is roll on 2018 - there is no way it can be worse than this year.

I haven't even had to inclination to write, I have a number of WIPs but will leave them till the new year. Soon I will have my first round of edits on the book my new publisher has accepted so I have the decks cleared for that.

Instead of writing I have picked up my paintbrushes again.  Had a commission portrait for a lady in the US and have sent it off. That got me in the mood to do some more portraits so this is them.
'The Matriarch'

'Lines of Laughter'

I really enjoying painting old faces - love all those wrinkles and the wisdom in their eyes. These will become part of a series called 'Faces of Life' - most will be those wonderful elderly faces.

Now I'm searching through all the photographs I've gathered to find my next subject. It keeps my mind off the worries for my children. I don't care about my own cancer stuff - I can deal with that in my own way but it is so painful to have your children struggle with the monster.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

So Excited ...

I've just signed the contract on a new book - and with a new publisher! 

Evernight Publishing is going to publish Her Dom's Secret Past and I couldn't be more excited. The ebook is due for release in February 2018 and the POD later. Big thank you to them for accepting my work.

I know a number of authors who publish with them and they all agree they are the best.

I loved writing for Siren but they have changed their 'submission requirements' which means any new MS by me are no longer available for submission.

I'm hoping Evernight Publishing will accept my other WIPs once I finish them all including my new BDSM series.